Used PAL HTC for Sale - 6-Month Full Warranty

Completely Refurbished – New 2.0V Motor, Power Supply, Electronics

The CTC Analytics HTC, C for compact, sample loader provides outstanding performance and maximum flexibility for your HPLC samples processing system.  Load up to 12 deepwell microplates, 24 standard microplates or 648 2ml vials in 50cm of bench space.   Compatible temperature-controlled sample storage options make it easy to cool down samples to prevent degradation or heat samples for kinetic studies.
Autosampler Guy’s used CTC's PAL's provides  excellent value, worry-free operation and low maintenance costs.  Open architecture for easy access to injection valves, samples trays and syringes guarantees quick exchange on of sample loops, tray and syringe sizes.
The Dynamic Load and Wash, DLW, advanced wash option is available on all xt-HTC's.  Customization for special applications and other options are available.  The HTC is available in legacy or xt-level configuration.

What does a used HTC PAL really mean to us? 

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