Used Combi PAL for Sale - 6-Month Full Warranty

Completely Refurbished – New 2.0V Motor, Power Supply, Electronics

Used CTC Analytics Combi PAL
The CTC Analytics Combi PAL starts out as GC liquid injector with unmatched sample capacity.   The system's power is easily expanded by adding headspace and SPME/ARROW SPME option capability.  This highly reliable and flexible sample injector grows with your needs. 
Autosampler Guys used Combi PALs are top mounted systems that fit on almost any available GC.  Most GC computer data systems have drivers compatible with PAL or the PAL can be controlled by the attached handheld terminal.
Sample capacity is unmatched at up to 600 1ml vials, 294, 2ml standard vials, 96 10 or 20ml HS vials, 4 deepwell or 6 standard microplates.
Agitator/Incubator option for dynamic headspace and SPME is available.  Temperature control options make sample cooling or heating easy.  Fiber conditioning stations for SPME/ARROW SPME ensure ideal equilibration protocol for fiber. 
Available as legacy or xt-model configured with any possible option.  Customization for special applications is available from Autosampler Guys.

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