Used PAL GC for Sale - 6-Month Full Warranty

Completely Refurbished – New 2.0V Motor, Power Supply, Electronics

The CTC Analytics GC PAL is the perfect solution for liquid injection only GC applications.  Compatible with almost any available GC, the GC PAL has the same proven reliability and productivity as all PAL injection systems. 
Autosampler Guys used GC PALs are usually in stock. They will support up to 600 1ml vials, 294 2ml vials, 4 deep well microplates or 8 standard microplates.
Thermostatted tray option makes cooling or heating liquid vials easy (4-70C).
Other options, including a Flow-Through cell for real time water or process monitoring, are available.  Customization for special applications is also an option.

What does a used GC PAL really mean to us? 

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