Repair Services on all PAL Modules

On-site repair is expensive.

Why not consider shipping the defective part or PAL to us? We can provide you a PAL box or give you instructions on how to best pack up an object or part. We offer repair of all PAL systems regardless of where it was purchased. Call us for pricing. In many cases, we can you offer a flat rate. The most common repairs include: 
CTC PAL Parts Repair – Flat fee
CTC PAL Agitator/Incubator, also known as CTC-PAL-INCUB6X20, G6500-80242, PAL INCUB6X20, PAL.AGI, G7379-60000 -- Typical failures include no heating, no shaking, excessive noise, broken parts, or a burnt electrical smell. Average repair cost $500 - $800.
CTC PAL Parts Repair – Flat fee
PAL Stack Cooler, also known as CTC-PAL-STKCOOLER-XT, CTC-PAL-STKCOOLER12MT-XT, G4277-60004, PAL STKCOOLER-XT, PAL.COOLSTK, G4277-60003, PAL STKCOOLER12MT-XT, PAL.CoolSTK12, G6505-64101, PAL STKCOOLER2DW-XT, G7383A, G7384A, G7383-60002, G7383-60006 - Failures include inability to heat and/or cool or maintain set point, as well as drawers that will not move smoothly. Average cost is $1200 - $1500
CTC PAL Parts Repair – Flat fee
PAL injection head repairs, also known as MZ 01-00, MZ 06-00, MZ 02-00, MZ 014-00, MZ 015-00, MZ 016-00, MZ 017-00, MZ 018-00, MZ 019-00, G6500-83002, PAL.INJCO, G6500-83001, PAL.INJLC/GC, G4277-67000, PAL.INJHTS. This is the "injection head" of the PAL, so lots of things can go wrong – mechanical issues, motor failures, and head communication problems can all originate from here. $900 - $1800.
CTC PAL Parts Repair – Flat fee
DLW Syringe holder or pumps. We know that a lot of pumps die prematurely. Please consider adding a check valve. We offer exchange DLW Syringe Kits or upgrade any unit to DLW capabilities. Average cost for a DLW Syringe Kit is $1200.
Repair of SPME Fiber Conditioner, also known as PAL FibCond, G6500-60240, PAL.NH, PAL FIBCOND, G7380A, NH-02-01, MH 02-00. Typical problems are no heat or problems with fittings. Average repair cost $500.
Gas Line replacement: With age the gas line becomes more brittle and loses its flexibility. Often it gets kinked when the PAL runs over this tube and gives out X-sensor or motor messages. Average repair cost including a PM is $1000.
Ribbon cable replacement. Ribbon cables break about every 4 years, and more often with heavy use. Like the gas line replacement, the repair cost including a PM is $1000.
If you want to upgrade your unit to headspace, SPME, ITEX, DLW, DLW2, cooling, please contact us. We have nearly all items in stock and can retrofit any PAL to accommodate these upgrades.
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