CTC PAL®, GC, LC, MS Experts

AUTOSAMPLER GUYS was founded by a trio of highly experienced chemists and PAL® specialists. The company's mission is to provide customers with top-notch support for the CTC PAL autosampler product line. Our team has a combined 40 years of experience with CTC PAL autosamplers, as well as with gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.
CTC PAL®, GC, LC, MS Experts

Beside working with laboratories throughout North America, we help service companies repair, maintain, and troubleshoot problems with their clients' systems. We also maintain a large inventory of service and repair parts, which can be delivered overnight if desired.

AUTOSAMPLER GUYS now offers new and used-refurbished CTC PAL autosamplers. Any new PAL comes straight out of the box and never has seen a single sample. All refurbished PALs have been completely updated and repainted, and all cables, valves, switches and bungee cords have been checked or replaced. We warranty our PALs for 6 months.

AUTOSAMPLER GUYS represents the following companies' products, made for the CTC PAL autosampler:

  • Brechbuehler AG (Schlieren, Switzerland) -- Maker of the Hydrogen Sensor, LC-GC and other GC & GC/MS solutions CTC PAL autosampler, as well as many HPLCs and GC products on the market.

  • CHROMTECH GmbH, Bad Camberg, Germany – Maker of various PAL options such as the TDAS Thermal desorber, Single Magnet Mixer and the Evolution GC/MS/MS upgrade

Meet the Team behind AUTOSAMPLER Guys

Ingo Christ
Wes Moyers
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