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Autosampler Guys would like to highlight a new extraction technology called SPME Arrow launched in 2016 by CTC Analytics AG. We spent some time testing this device and were able to find compounds not previously detected, not least because it displays much higher responses when compared to traditional SPME—one of its key advantages. The purpose of this page is to gather together publications and posters describing applications for this new device. If you are aware of a publication, please share it with us, so we can add it to the library.

CTC Analytics AG announced a Smart SPME Arrow. RFID technology allows tracking of sample IDs, traceability, usage history. For automation of SPME Arrow with the PAL RTC and PAL RSI a SPME Arrow Tool is available, as well as an Agitator Module for agitation/sample Enrichment at up to 200°C and a SPME Arrow Conditioning Module. The Smart SPME Arrow works with any PAL3, but is required with PAL3 Series II Systems (currently shipping).
If you would like to discuss options for running your samples with SPME Arrow, please call us. 703-780-1500

SPME Arrow, a solvent-free extraction device

SPME Arrow, like SPME, is a solvent-free extraction device. Its major advantages over its predecessor are that its sorption surface area is six times larger and that its phase volume is 20 times larger overall, which prevents the sorption of analytes from being maxed out as in traditional SPME. We call these limitations “competition effects.” They are commonly found whenever the analytes of interest are suppressed by a dominant matrix. Good examples of applications in which these effects arise are analyzing flavors in alcoholic beverages (or other matrices); testing for drugs of abuse and doping in serum, blood or urine; as well as for environmental pollutants such as PAH, pesticides and herbicides in water.

Please check out the following links for publications on SPME Arrow:

Comparison of different SPME Fiber Coating Materials and Geometries for the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in drinking water
DIN Method 38407-41, Beat Schilling, Peter Egli, Guenter Boehm
Poster Available Upon Request
Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Soju, a Korean Distilled Spirit, by SPME-Arrow-GC/MS
Comparison of headspace–SPME and SPME-Arrow–GC–MS methods for the determination of volatile compounds in Korean salt–fermented fish sauce
PAL SPME Arrow—evaluation of a novel solid-phase micro extraction device for freely dissolved PAHs in water
Comparison of Different Types of SPME Arrow Sorbents to Analyze Volatile Compounds in Cirsium setidens Nakai
Analyzing volatiles in brown rice vinegar by headspace solid-phase micro extraction(SPME)–Arrow:
Optimizing the extraction conditions and comparisons with conventional SPME
Hunting Molecules in Complex Matrices with SPME Arrows: A Review
AHS-SPME Arrow/GC-MS Method for Determination of Smoke Taint-Related VolatilePhenols in Humulus lupulus
Solid-Phase Micro extraction Arrow for the Sampling of Volatile Organic Compounds in Milk Samples
Development and comparison of direct immersion solid phase micro extraction Arrow-GC-MS for the determination of selected pesticides in water
Field measurements of biogenic volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere using solid-phase micro extraction Arrow
Selective extraction of aliphatic amines by functionalized mesoporous silica-coated solid phase microextraction Arrow
Sampling Dynamics for Volatile Organic Compounds Using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction Arrow for Microbiological Samples
Processing of Flavor-Enhanced Oils: Optimization and Validation of Multiple HeadspaceSolid-Phase Microextraction-Arrow to Quantify Pyrazines in the Oils
Evaluation of various coating materials for SPME and the novel SPME mini-Arrow for the extraction of TDN and vitispirane in wine using multiple Headspace-SPME
Michael Ziegler, Hans-Georg Schmarr
Poster Available Upon Request
PAL SPME Arrow for the determination of volatile organic compounds in water by GC-MS after headspace-solid-phase microextraction(HS-SPME) according to German standard method
DIN 38 407-41
PAL System Application Notes: Determination of iodoform in drinking water by PAL SPME Arrow and GC/MS and Determination
C2-C12 aldehydes by SPME on-fiber derivatization and GCMS
Poster Available Upon Request
Solid phase microextraction Arrow for the sampling of volatile amines in wastewater and atmosphere
Helin A. et al., J. Chrom. A 2015, 1426, 56-63
SPME Arrow SPME Arrow - Evaluation of a Novel Solid-Phase Microextraction Device for Freely Dissolved PAHs in Water
Kremser A. etal., Anal.Bional.Chem., 2016, 408, 943-52
SPME Arrow has an outer diameter of 1.1 or 1.5mm, resulting in larger sorption phase surfaces and volumes compared to traditional SPME. The arrow-shaped tip, hence called SPME Arrow, allows smooth penetration into a vial and injector septa. The arrow design feature protects the sorptive material and minimizes the loss of analyte due to physical stress during transfer process.
SPMEArrow Solid Phase Micro Extraction
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