Antek PAL for Antek 9000 Elemental Analyzer or PAC’s Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer

Used Sulphur, Nitrogen, Halides Analyzers in Stock

Antek PAL for Antek 9000 Elemental Analyzer

Are you in the market for a replacement autosampler or just need to automate your PAC’s ElemeNtS Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer formerly known as Antek 9000 Multitek for sulfur, nitrogen, and halides?

High Quality Used Antek PALs Completely Refurbished with Warranty
Autosampler Guys always has stock of this LC PAL. This PAL was initially integrated with the Antek 9000 in the 90s and all drivers are integrated in PAC (Antek’s) software. And our used Antek PAL comes with 6 months warranty. When we overhaul a PAL, we start by completely disassembling the PAL. If the parts don’t require any updates (e.g., cutting a channel, etc.), we send all metal parts off to the paint shop. Then we check or replace all motors and only use the newer 2.0V motors. We check or replace all plastic rails and remove all access grease, rust or any other build-up, especially from any of the rolls, toothracks, guardrails etc. All cables and flush tubes are replaced. We update the electronics – revisions added new features and capacitors and battery have a limited life span. Peltier elements have an especially hard life behind them and are all replaced. All units come with a new power supply, since this is the heart of your unit.
Renewed CTC LC PAL for Liquid Injection to Multitek Analyzer with MT4 Tray holder consisting of:
  • 1 pc PAL50 X/Y unit

  • 1 pc Compact Injection head

  • 1 pc Control terminal & cable

  • 1 pc Power supply, Input Voltage 100-240V & cable

  • 1 pc Wash Large station for 2 different solvents

  • 1 pc Kit SealCap

  • 1 pc MT4 Tray holder

  • 4 pc VT54 54-postion trays for 2-ml liquid vials

  • 1 pc Syringe adapter 100µl & plunger holder (Optional 25uL)

  • 2 pc Syringe 100µl (Optional 25uL)

  • 1 pc Operation manual and System Utilities CD

  • 1 pc PC connection cable

  • 1 pc PAL Standard Legs

  • 1 pc PAL mount plate for Multitek.

  • System is covered by a 6-months full warranty

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