Helium Save Option for GC and GC-MS

Helium Save Option for GC and GC-MS

Helium has long been the traditional carrier gas for Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy analyses. Increased cost and less availability of helium, call for a change. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible to convert helium to hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gases due to sensitivity or safety issues. Conservation could be a way forward. 

We offer an automated solution for ANY Gas Chromatograph to switch carrier gas between Helium to Nitrogen (or any other gas of your choice). It works integrated with your Gas Chromatograph hardware and most chromatography data station allow switching its carrier gas between methods (such as a gas saver method). And if you walk by an idle unit, just push the button on the EcoSaver to switch. Using calculations from leading manufacturers and other experts, on average, conserving Helium while the instrument is not in use can make a gas bottle last 3-4 times longer. 

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