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Certified Pre-Owned PAL or Short CPO PAL

Completely Refurbished – New Motor, Power Supply, Electronics

What does a certified pre-owned CPO PAL really mean? We translate it this way:

The PAL system is the most acknowledged and successful sample preparation platform. Autosampler Guys wants to keep the CTC PAL systems relevant. That includes the new units we installed dating back to 1995 and later. With 40,000 systems installed worldwide the PAL is known to be reliable and to always work. OK, you skipped maintenance for a couple of years and only changed the bungee cords?

It may be time to renew your PAL.
Refurbished PALWith every PAL that is going to be sold as a CPO PAL, we do the following:

We start by completely disassembling the PAL. If the parts don’t require any updates (e.g., cutting a channel, etc.), we send all metal parts off to the paint shop. Then we check or replace all motors and only use the newer 2.0V motors. We check or replace all plastic rails and remove all access grease, rust or any other build-up, especially from any of the rolls, toothracks, guardrails etc. All cables and flush tubes are replaced. We update the electronics – revisions added new features and capacitors and battery have a limited life span. Peltier elements have an especially hard life behind them and are all replaced. All units come with a new power supply, since this is the heart of your unit.

CPO Pal Refrurbished Parts

CPO Pal Refrurbished Parts