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Single StEP Filter Vials
Headspace Vials LaPhaPack ®
ILS headspace syringes

New SGE Diamond MS Syringes

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Special Launch Offer valid untl; Dec 31, 2012 
***Buy one syringe and needle and receive a second needle free!***

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Improve the sensitivity of your MS analysis

  • Lowest syringe carryover
  • Reduced non specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery
  • Ultra smooth removable needles with choice of surface treatment

The NEW Diamond Syringe Range from SGE offers a never before seen level of Durability, Clarity and Accuracy in the laboratory. No other syringe range provides such brilliance!

SGE Diamond Syringes offer a new level of accuracy in the laboratory. SGE Diamond Syringes have been enhanced to eliminate areas where fluid can become trapped and potentially cause carry over. A closer fit between plunger tip and PTFE insert at the zero position, a tighter fit between the PTFE insert and glass barrel and an improved fixed needle attachment, all help to reduce carry over.

The SGE Diamond Syringe design enhancements have significantly reduced adhesive from the fluid path. This adds to the durability of the syringe and reduces the risk of sample interaction with the adhesive.          

Thompson sample prep  & autosampler  filter vials

Single StEP Filter Vials

Thomson Instrument Company's filtration products (Patent No. 7,790,117) are engineered and optimized to increase the efficiency of sample preparation without compromising results. Single StEP filter vials are manufactured with close attention to detail and high-grade materials to ensure optimal performance. Applications range broadly from life sciences and drug discovery to environmental monitoring and analysis. Single StEP's are a universal fit for most autosampler models.

Filtration is Simple

  • Combines HPLC vial and cap with filter - eliminates need for syringes and syringe filters.
  • 0.2 – 0.45uM filters in PTFE, PVDF, Nylon or PES
  • Simple to use and easily compressed  by hand
  • 450uL fill line with low dead volume
  • Dimensions identical to standard 2-ml HPLC vial (12x32mm)
  • Pre-slit cap septa
  • Polypropylene vial with sonic welds ensures solvent stability
  • Autosampler  compatible
  • Available in pack sizes of 200-500 units.

Single StEP Filter Vials

For additional information on Thomson’s Single StEP filter vials, please contact Autosampler Guys or view Thomson Instrument Company’s product presentation at:

Headspace Vials LaPhaPack ®

Autosampler Guys is proud to be supplying the superior CTC-recommended headspace vials and caps from the German manufacturer LaPhaPack® in Langerwehe, Germany.

The risk of incorrectly and inconsistently crimped vials is generally connected to the crimping process which may result in bad reproducibility. On the one hand this may be caused by people’s different understandings of how a correctly vial should be correctly crimped, but on the other hand may also be dependent on the design and condition of the used crimping tool (variability of the crimping pressure applied, variability of crimping height, the age of the crimper, etc.). Furthermore, it is not a simple matter to adjust a crimping tool - especially for Headspace use.

More and more instrument companies are making the process of sealing the sample vial more reliable and safer. Most headspace autosamplers (CTC, Agilent, Gerstel, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu) are compatible with screw cap vials for Headspace and SPME. Another advantage of the universal screw cap closures is the much thinner septa used compared to those in crimp caps. The thinner septa are much easier and safer to penetrate. Autosampler Guys sells 10 and 20 mL clear and amber vials and steel screw caps containing a selection of various septa materials such as Ultraclean Silicone/PTFE, Red Rubber and slitted septa for SPME use. Most orders can ship same day. Call us for pricing.

ILS headspace syringes

If you need a top-quality headspace syringe that reliably works injection after injection, Autosampler guys may have the syringe for you. We sell the ILS syringe from Stützerbach in Germany. ILS shrinks their own precision bore tubing from DURAN®, a highly resistant borosilicate glass. All metal parts and PTFE-seals are made in-house. Modern computer- controlled equipment (milling machines, lathes and glass shrinking equipment, in combination with years of glass working experience, guarantee top quality. DURAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT Glaswerke AG. We currently keep a stock of 2.5 mL and 1.0 mL headspace syringes for CTC CombiPal use (part numbers 2620032 and 2620013) and these can usually ship same day. Volume discounts are available.



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