PAL® System Guides

AUTOSAMPLER GUYS promotes Peak PAL Performance by offering focused support for any standard CTC autosampler, including the HTS, HTC, LC-Mini, Combi PAL, and GC PAL models. AUTOSAMPLER GUYS has been certified by CTC Analytics AG to provide service and support for their PAL products.

Below you'll find some useful guides on how to use or maintain your CTC PAL autosampler.


CTC PAL Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting  Guide CTC PAL Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting  Guide (421 KB)

Headspace Analysis – Getting Started Headspace Analysis – Getting Started (193 KB)

SPME Analysis – Getting Started SPME Analysis – Getting Started (197 KB)

CTC Autosampler Parts List CTC Autosampler Parts List (685 KB)



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