Autosampler Guys also offers a competitive exchange program for important CTC PAL® parts

If you are in need of a new handheld control, power supply, board or stack, we can help! Subject to availability, we will ship you a working replacement part at a significantly lower price than new, and on top of that pay you an exchange credit for returning your faulty part to us. Refurbished parts offered:

  • MZ 01-00-X (Injection head for HTS PAL® and HTC PAL)
  • MZ 06-00-X (Injection Head for LC PAL and GC PAL)
  • MZ 02-00-X (Injection Head for Combi PAL)
  • PAL StkCooler-X (Cooled stack 6-position)
  • PAL StkCooler12MT-X (12-position cooled stack)
  • MN 03-00-X (Cooled Stack Power Supply and Controller)
  • MN 01-00-X (PAL Power Supply)
  • MB 01-00-X (Handheld Control Terminal)
  • APR MOTIO-X (Motio Board for HTS and Combi)
  • APR CPU-X (CPU Board for HTS and Combi)
  • APR Control-HTC-X (HTC PAL Combined Board)
  • APR Control-LC-X (LC PAL Combined Board)
  • APR Control-GC-X (GC PAL Control Board)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Autosampler Guys exchange program operates strictly on a first come, first served basis. 
  • We make no guarantee regarding the availability of a particular item at any given time.
  • Refurbished parts are previously used but, where required, professionally serviced and receive a 90-day warranty.
  • Autosampler Guys must receive the damaged item within 10 business days in order to process the credit. 
  • Discounts (reseller or otherwise) are never given on refurbished purchases.  The buyer can received exchange credit for return of damaged module.


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